Special Needs & IEPs

An Individualized Education Plan is needed for every gifted or special needs student.

For these students the regular curriculum is often inappropriate. For gifted students the classroom goals may not be challenging enough.

For special needs students the classroom goals may need to be broken down into many measurable objectives each of which will then need to be evaluated.

As a teacher, you know that your regular management tools may not be helpful or sufficient.

But what if thousands of goals, tasks, and sub-tasks could be organized and easily assigned to individual students and then used by their teachers to facilitate instruction?

And what if the teacher could then evaluate those goals easily without further organizational input?

The curriculum development module of the Edvance Software System easily processes thousands of objectives and allows teachers and staff to assign them to individual students as needed.

The IEP thus created can then be used to guide daily instruction.

At the end of term, progress reports can be created and distributed to parents without re-entering objectives or evaluations already assigned to the student.