Student/Parent Portals

Individual students within a group may not always get the attention they need as the teacher and the students navigate through a curriculum.

The Edvance student/parent portals provide a space where students can communicate with their teachers within the context of a curriculum. Students and parents alike can view visual representations of a student's real-time progress as well as have access to summative evaluations made during more formal reporting periods within a given school year.

To view the progress details a student/parent need only click the visuals provided and they are brought to a view that provides the progress details for that section of the course.

Status updates, evaluations and file sharing are made available to both teacher AND student so as to better capture both perspectives on the same part of the curriculum.

More formal summative evaluations, whether from the teacher gradebook or the report cards themselves, can be connected to each portal and serve to supplement the progress updates and evaluations exchanged between teachers and students throughout the term.