Student Information System

Managing your data so you can concentrate on your students.


Learning Management Tools

Engaging students by supporting personalized learning.



Improving learning insights for
schools and school boards.


Customizations & Tailoring

Supporting your unique goals with flexible solutions.



Create no-conflict schedules for your school quickly and easily! The Edvance Scheduler offers:

  • 100% conflict prevention
  • Anytime, anywhere access
  • Complete control of the entire scheduling process
  • Significant reduction of time spent on scheduling
Build your school timetable and save time.

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Special Needs & IEPs

Our online IEP software facilitates collaboration when building, using, maintaining and evaluating IEPs.

  • Organizes, stores and facilitates the evaluation of thousands of objectives
  • Integrates medical records
  • Can be customized to meet provincial data reporting requirements
  • Helps manage job placement/coaching programs
This tool allows teachers to focus on their role as mentors.

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Student/Parent Portals

Family portals provide a direct channel of communication between the school and the home

  • Student progress tracking via status updates
  • Sharing/viewing of student results on assignments & evaluations
  • Access to report cards

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