Since we implemented Edvance our faculty has been very happy with how quickly they were able to learn to use it and how easily you made changes. We have also been impressed with the quick response time for our requested changes as well as when we need further instruction.

- Karen Dixon, PhD, Assistant Director
The Horizons School

The customizations you added where I can scroll through student schedules and change sections to negate conflicts is an absolute dream come true. It is so easy to use and I am given so much information as to the effects of any changes I am making. Thank you so much, it is one of the easiest conflict resolutions tools I have used.

- Tracy Faucher, Academic Director
Holy Trinity School

Mike is a pleasure to work with... He is a true renaissance man - a scholar and a gentleman - and I have the utmost respect for him and what he is doing.

I would also highlight your unparalleled customer service...I have never had that kind of support from a vendor before.

Vince Delisi,
Director of Innovation & Technology
Holy Trinity School

The folks at Edvance have been absolutely fantastic to work with and have shared their mission-driven approach and deep appreciation of the work we do. Their software is user friendly, customizable, and their staff could not be more helpful and accommodating.

Margaret Quern Atkins
Director of NJ-STEP

Since teaming up with Edvance, the most significant change has been the ability to build a Curriculum Management and Evaluations modules that meet our students' educational needs as well as Ministry requirements. This allows teachers to create IEPs and report cards in an efficient manner all while keeping the student's best interest in the forefront...The ease of this system and its access to reports has been applauded by our professionals...we are very pleased with not only the system but also the support given by its team. Always courteous and open to suggestions, it is apparent that their goal is to offer the best possible solution to meet its client's unique needs. Read more...

Cindy Larson
Special Education Consultant
Summit School

As Academic Director in this co-educational boarding and day school with a large number of overseas as well as Canadian students, I have found the Edvance software to be the most effective and flexible of several similar timetabling and reporting programs that we have tried. The staff of Edvance is most efficient and helpful in dealing with our questions and requirements. We have been able to achieve a customized product that meets our present needs and is adaptable for future developments.

Geoffrey Telling
Stanstead College

The thing that has been most impressive is the speed with which your team has responded to any issue we have had, and to date have always found a solution.... the other thing that is exciting is the possibility of co-developing and customizing our own site.

Beth Wall
Trafalgar School for Girls

I love it!!!!!!!!!!!

It has made the teacher's job much easier and more time can be spent on teaching! Keeping track of the disciplinary issues within the school is easy and allows me to keep an eye on all the kids. More importantly, it allows us to prevent bigger issues/situations from arising. In essence, we can help the student earlier.

Phil Lafave
Loyola High School

...I can say that after 25 years my day is happier and lighter with all of the new advances with my new software. I would highly recommend this software.

Mary Supino
Loyola High School

For a number of years I have been manually scheduling Loyola's Parent/Teacher Interviews which occur three times a year.Recently Paul Donovan, Principal, and I were calculating approximately how long it took me each time to do this.We came up with about 40 hours per session.So when the possibility of it being made available on-line so that parents could schedule their own appointments, I was very excited. Read more...

Diane Caristo
Loyola High School